Famous bodybuilders and steroids who helped them!

For those who are attentive to the issue of the selection of doping drugs, it is important and interesting to know which steroids were taken by world famous athletes and bodybuilders, as well as in what dosage. Statistics show that 90% of experienced professional athletes in their classes exceed the permissible dose.

Beginners are faced with the task of achieving a good effect. But is it worth taking high doses of steroids for a long time?

How do athletes become champions?

How do athletes become champions?

Interesting facts will be information about the drugs that famous masters of sports took, in particular, weightlifting. What schemes helped to win and defeat novice athletes.

Consider some examples of courses for professional bodybuilders:

Michael Mentzer took Dianabol 20-30mg per day. The course lasts from 4 to 6 weeks. He was preparing for the Moscow Olympics, which took place in 1980. The drug intake began during the preparation for the tournament and ended immediately before the competition. The athlete never hid information about the steroids and the amount he took. At the time, it was a huge dose for him. Mike competed in heavyweight competitions. Her weight was 113 kg and her height was 173 cm.

Michael Mentzer

Arnold Schwarzenegger chose Dianabol 50mg per day and Prima 600mg per week as his choice in his practice. It was this combination of drugs that allowed Arnie to achieve an amazing result. For which he was nicknamed “Iron Arnie”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Frank Zane is an experienced athlete who was very careful when choosing drugs. He preferred the best and most expensive steroids. Listening to her body and having great insight, she opted for Deca and Prime, 100mg each week.

Frank Zane

And other famous athletes:

  • The great professional athlete Sergio preferred Deca 200mg each week and combined it with a small dose of Winstrol 20mg per day.
  • Dave Drepper is a famous bodybuilder of the 60s. For him, the most important issue was the health of his body. A serious attitude to everything helped me to carefully and responsibly choose the right drug Winstrol. Dosage 25 mg per day.
  • Larry Scott, an experienced athlete of the same era, took Dianabol in his classes. Tab dose 10. per day in several doses. Throughout the 1960s he used this steroid exclusively.

Such indicators indicate that all famous world athletes took large doses in their practice. This is what helped them achieve brilliant results. Steroids will help you achieve your goal. Listen to your body and you will correctly choose the right steroid and dosage.